Flute lessons in Bad Godesberg


  • Learn to play the flute?
  • Learn to produce a full sound?
  • Learn to know tricks and dodges to play your notes?
  • Train to play together?
  • Train to hear the right tone pitch and to correct it? 


This and more we can work out together!

About my Flute Lessons



I invite you to a free flute lesson to get to know each other and to get an impression about the instrument. If you are beginner, you do not need a flute for this lesson. When starting your lessons, you need your own flute.



I'm convinced that single lessons are the better way to learn the flute. We will often play together so you will be prepared well for music ensembles or orchestras. While playing together I will help you individually to solve your problems. 


If your need help for your duo trio or even a bigger ensemble, you may also ask me for lessons. You will pay the same price for the same time as for individual lessons. 




30 minutes or 45 minutes at a fixed weekly date. 

For adults we can also appoint 90 minutes every 14 days. 




Am Lenkert 29, 53177 Bonn

At your home - within Bad Godesberg - only 45 minutes/ lesson or more



30 minutes lesson/ week: 71,- Euros/ month (paid regularly 12 month/ year)

45 minutes lesson/ week: 98,- Euros/ month inkl. (paid regularly 12 month/ year)


No lessons in school holidays (North Rhine Westfalia - NRW). Single lessons which have to be cancelled must be announced 48 hours in advance. We will arrange an alternative lesson as soon as possible, latest 3 month after the cancelled lesson. After this period a lesson will be cancelled completely.


We will sign an agreement. It will include a testing period of three months. The agreement will be made for a year and will be extended to another year if there is no due notice given. It is possible to cancel the agreement within a time limit of 3 month (written form). If you move to another city or if there are severe health reasons or family reasons, the agreement may be cancelled before.


You can also book singular lessons:

45 minutes: 35,- Euros inkl. 19% tax

30 minutes: 24,- Euros inkl. 19% tax


Alternatively you can buy a
10 lessons card: 330,- Euros inkl. 19% tax

It`s valid for one year and has to be paid in advance


Stefanie Kellner

Email: sk@steffikellner.de


Am Lenkert 29

53177 Bonn (Schweinheim)

Or at your home in Bad Godesberg


I am no native speaker. Maybe you need patience with me and my English. On the other hand you can also learn music in German terms.... just come and find out how it will be. 


Stefanie Kellner